Sunday, 19 July 2009

The Quarter-Life Crisis..Episode One

I was chatting to my friend in Ghana today, she informed me she is having a "Quarter-Life Crisis." Intrigued and slightly amused I asked her what that was and she sent me a link to a Wikipedia page.... Apparently the quarter-life crisis happens in your twenties to the early thirties.

Characteristics of quarter-life crisis may include:

1. Feeling "not good enough" because one can't find a job that is at one's academic/intellectual level
2. Frustration with relationships, the working world, and finding a suitable job or career
3. Confusion of identity.

4. Insecurity regarding the near future
5. Insecurity concerning long-term plans, life goals.

6. Insecurity regarding present accomplishments
7. Re-evaluation of clo
se interpersonal relationships.
8. Disappointment with one's job
9. Nostalgia for university life.

10. Tendency to hold stronger opinions
11. Boredom with social interactions.
12. Loss of closeness to high school and University friends.

13. Financially-rooted stress (overwhelming college loans)
14. Loneliness.
15. Desire to have children.
16. A sense that everyone is, somehow, doing better than you.
17. Frustration with societal ills.

My friend quickly diagnosed that I had recently been through my "Quarter-Life Crisis" hence, the life changing decisions I have made about my life (I'm going traveling, then leaving nursing and going back to university to study Art) Hmm, I think she could be right!.....It must be true if its on Wikipedia, Right??.....

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  1. In the midst of one of these myself! Thanks for the comment on my blog- so glad to find someone who isn't my mom reading it haha.



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