Sunday, 28 August 2011

Life update....

I probably should be in bed, after all I am back to work tomorrow after three weeks off!! However, I haven't written anything in ages so I thought I better write a quick "life update."

You would think with 3 whole lovely weeks off work that I had been away on holiday or doing something exciting.... but no just sorting out my life, the lives of my friends, falling out with one friend and making up with another.....Mainly though I have been bogged down with this bloody essay!! Anyone want to write 2,500 words on learning styles?...."No" you say??
What on earth made me go back to uni now?? Not the best plan I ever had, but necessary! Who needs a degree anyway?? Me, obviously.

Excitingly though I maybe buying a house! It's nice, but not really in the area I wanted though....Maybe a bit to close to my parents (as in round the corner) but considering my mum is going to be my "partner" in the mortgage I can't complain!

Does this mean I am a proper grown up type now then or is that when I get excited about going hoover shopping???

Will see what happens on Wednesday when I make my offer....

Anyway, I had better get to bed. Will see what tomorrow brings? Good stuff I hope!

Night, Night xxx

Friday, 12 August 2011

I blame Disney...

There is something fundamentally wrong about toys in paddling pools......Especially when they are Buzz and Woody!

There I was minding my own business when I noticed next doors paddling pool (minus children) complete with Buzz and Woody floating face down!
I was concerned.
I was concerned that I was concerned, but they remained there all day....

Honestly, I was tempted to mount a rescue, jump the fence and save them in a blaze of glory.....After all everyone knows that Buzz and Woody aren't really toys, but real people with personalities and the coincidental voices of Hollywood megastars...

I watched them float around all day. Until to my relief they were rescued.... Buzz was given a good shake to knock off the water and taken inside, but Woody was hung on the washing line to dry.... For three whole days!
An excessively long time I feel.
Again, I was concerned.
I was concerned that I was concerned.
I blame Disney......

Poor Woody.
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