Saturday, 12 May 2012

Well it seems I haven't posted anything for quite a while, this was not an intentional thing I have just been busy....... I have bought a house and moved in, I have settled in nicely. I was worried I would be lonely living alone but I actually quite like it...well expect for when my boiler exploded, my burglar alarm went off at 4am and when I had an infestation of moths that were eating through my carpet....but it all better now!

The real reason I was prompted to blog today was actually something a close friend of mine is doing.
She is currently living below the poverty line on only £1 per day to raise awareness of extreme poverty. I admire that so much and it completely hit me from left field. I don't know why but lately I have become much more concerned with world affairs, local politics, recycling and charity work. Suddenly I want to be one of thos people who cares and I am only more motivated by the stories of those who have truly made a difference......has anyone seen movies like Milk, Gandhi and Invinctus? Go an rent them....Now.

Is it my age? Or is there something missing in my life? I was never interested in things like this a few years ago... Recently though I find the more interesting and intriguing people are the ones who care about something ...Anything....One of my friends is passionate about fair trade and lives her life to high moral values and this only makes her more endearing to me. The thing is although I admire these equalities in others I have never done anything for charity. Saying that I feel I want to make a difference myself.....The only thing is I don't know what.....Does anyone have any idea where to start?..

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