Sunday, 2 August 2009

The Snugget vs. The Man Pillow

Today a friend of mine who lives in Ghana amusingly bought to my attention "The Snugget" a helpful invention frequently advertised on African TV. When I checked out the website containing a convenient "Video of the product" I giggled to myself. How innovative of some entrepreneur somewhere to invent such a product that enthusiastically asks me if I "Want a blanket that keeps you warm and cozy while comfortable to perform other activities?" I joked with her that this was a special "Single Girl" product but that I would much rather have a "Man Pillow"....

Then it got me thinking about products that pray on
vulnerabilities of the "Single Chick" So I decided to objectively look at (based on advertising alone) which one was more crap "The Snugget" or "The Man Pillow"......

Team Man Pillow:
  • Do you hate sleeping on your own?

  • Are you unable to sleep on your own?

  • Divorced, separated, widowed or just lonely?

  • Is your partner away a lot?

The Man Arm Pillow is the answer. It’s the ideal bedtime companion with many advantages over sleeping with a man:

  • Does not toss and turn

  • Does not snore, cough or sneeze

  • Does not wake you up in the middle of the night

  • Will never complain

  • Is always faithful

Team Snugget:

Want a blanket that keeps you warm and cozy while comfortable to perform other activities?

Snugget is a super soft, light weight fleece blanket with sleeves which can be used indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Specially designed sleeves for ease of use
  • Easy to use, easy to store and machine washable
  • Keeps you warm and cosy
  • For Indoor & Outdoor use
  • Simplistic and practical design keeps your entire body covered
  • Big enough for adults and kids to stretch out in comfort.
  • Available in Large and Medium
  • Comfortably walk around the house
  • Perfect for outdoor sporting events
  • Save on your heating bills
  • Can replace any normal blanket
I think they are both shit, but you decide!........

And the Boy Version......

"The Girlfriend's Lap Pillow"

Don't they look peaceful??.......

Lay your head on your "girlfriend's" lap. Soft plush pillow comes complete with red miniskirt. Great for bachelor parties or actually quite functional for reading in bed.

Somehow not playing so much on the emotional side....I wonder why?


  1. Man pillow is definitely more crap. Very misogynistic, whereas the snuggie makes both sexes look equally desperate.

  2. I agree! Would the male verse be a blow up doll??? Hmm.... The debate continues!! Teehee!

  3. I had no idea a manpillow even existed! thanks for the heads up.

  4. i heart snuggets! my fave bit of the advert is where theres this teenage lad sitting on a sofa playing video games... with a snugget on! as if! x


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