Thursday, 13 August 2009

Goodbye dear brain cells......

"I want to be a Nurse" Be warned from someone who knows....Are you sure about that? Nursing has many, many, many trials and tribulations, one of the biggest has to be the dreaded night shift.....The 3am nausea, the endless small talk with work collages you don't really like, the ability of someone somewhere to spill a urine bottle requiring you to mop it up at 5am while trying to avoid standing in it in the dark, the expert ability of at least one patient to manage to pull the emergency bell (Clearly marked in big red letters "Emergency Bell") Sending you and everyone around you into a state of panic at 4am and waking up the whole ward......

The only saving grace when you are clock watching and praying for sunlight to appear through the window is the cheap girlie magazine.

Yes I have lost valuable brain cells this way, they died in the pages of Cosmo, Hello, Bella, Take a Break and Reveal. Before you judge and in my defence, I don't buy them myself they have been left over my patients but they pass the time between 3.30am and 3.40am...... So over the past few night shifts I have kept a mental note of the articles I have read to document were it was I lost my intelligence.....Goodbye brain cells thank you, we had fun xx

Horoscopes: Libra: Tomorrow you will meet a tall dark handsome stranger.....

20 ways to tells he is into you.

10 annoying things loved up couples say to singles.

Sex tips for girls.

I married my ex lovers girlfriend's mother's brother.

How you too can get a bikini body in two weeks.

Brad vs Angelina, Brad and Ang vs Jen, Brad and Jen vs Ang, Jen vs Ang, Brad vs Jen........

How Kara Tointon maintains her figure: Diet tips etc, etc.

Women cry for 12,000 hours in their lifetime. Fact.

(My personal favourite) My bowels exploded! (Inset) Doctors had to sew up my bum!

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