Saturday, 4 February 2012

To date or not to date?....

Honestly I was a little jealous of my friend when she went on a second date with a guy she met on a night out.

I wasn't jealous about how nervous she was, how she complained about having butterflies in her stomach, how she was shaking and needed me to get her a drink to calm her down.
I wasn't jealous when she made me drive three times round the block while she plucked up the courage to get out the car, all the time listening to me reassure her about how amazing she is... but I was jealous when I watched from my car as he smiled at her as she walked towards him....

I was thinking maybe I should give internet dating a try again? The thing is I'm not all that bothered about it, part of me can't be doing with all the hassle and I don't actually expect to meet anyone I like... so would I be wasting my time and money or do I have nothing to lose?


  1. It's weird, your new blog posts don't come up on my feed, and when i go looking for it, and i click on it, it's a dead link. So i've had to google your blog or look through Barry's to find it. Any ideas what's up?

  2. I have absolutely no clue whats up with the feed, I have tried to follow you gain to see if that helps? Hmm....

  3. nope, i even deleted you and started to follow you again and still it's the same. It says your blog's name is "I want to be a mermaid"


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