Monday, 22 June 2009

The SheWee Debate!

Hmm…..Why is it that women are physically incapable of travelling light??? Why is it that I’m off to sit in a field for a week and I feel it necessary to wander for hours around the Trafford Centre in order to purchase new clothes, only to have them covered in mud??? I’m off to Glastonbury on Wednesday, I plan to lose my music festival cherry and thought Glasto would be the best. The thing is it says on the information leaflet…and I quote “Travel Light” Well I feel that as a member of the female of the species that this is an absolutely impossible task! How do they expect a self respecting and self confessed “girlie girl” to travel light??

Admittedly, I do feel some concern about my impending travels and the necessity to travel light, but when I look at all the clothes/outfits I have planned for only five messily days……I become filled with a sense of horror! How am I expected to cope for a whole year?? It’s a very serious situation I tell you!....Very Serious! Lol!

Also (why I feel it necessary to share this I don’t know) but I have purchased a “SheWee” apparently this is on the “Must take list” I feel there is something strange and unnatural about a “SheWee” Women are physically designed to piss on their own undergarments and feet while waving ones white arse around for all to see, its only natural! I have to say, what is the point of a “SheWee” if you can’t piss up the wall?? You see men have all the fun, and being able to piss up a wall is one of them! If a “SheWee” doesn’t mean that you can propel your urine at great distances and have “Who can piss the highest competitions” with boys then apart from looking strangely phallic, giving Freud a field day and being a bit weird, there is no point to them.

However, having said all that, I have made the decision on to purchase one for Glasto. You see I had a very traumatic experience when out with friends the other day. It began when I innocently had the urge to wee after a night of drinking diet coke (I was driving) so off I went to the loo, obviously accompanied by all other females in the room, as women are unable to brave the public toilet alone. There I was innocently multitasking, chatting, texting and weeing all at once. When it occurred to me that the toilet seat was strangely wet, “Someone pissed on the toilet seat” I hear you cry?.......Nope, that I could have just about forgiven! No this was something worse…….Something unspeakable…..Someone had actually vomited on the toilet seat and I had sat in it!! Nice! Hence the immediate purchase of the “SheWee!” (Colours were optional) so obviously I got the pink one…….it makes all the difference don’t you know! Lol!


  1. That'll be well useful in Africa girl! Although here the women just straddle an open drain, hitch up the skirt, and go for it... and, my friend said she went to a 'public toilet' in the North of Ghana and the women can pee up walls, they hold bits in ways that I dont even want to think about and pee like a man!

  2. Err .......... I'll leave this particular discussion to the girls.

  3. Apparently the shewee doesn't even work. I've never used it, but someone told me.

  4. This product is a whizz not a shewee. Shewee is much better because you don't need to pull your jeans down at all and it never goes out of shape. A whizz also needs to be replaced after a year whereas a shewee never needs replacingfor comfort and privacy. Held in position with 3 adjustable and flexible straps, the soft rubber Shewee Go seals comfortably in place outside the body.shewee


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