Saturday, 28 November 2009

Story so far....

Its only been a few days and I have already done so much! Seen all of the big five already, been into a school where the children had never seen white people before and were convinced my hair was an umbrella! We have already travelled from Kenya to Uganda. Its funny because they are the same but very different! I found it amusing how many "Hotels" there are alone the roadside, its funny because they are little more that wooden hunts that look like they are about to fall down, but they all seem to be able to offer you the ability to "top up" your mobile phone on any network you can imagine.

Uganda is lovely, green tea plantations as far as the eye can see. The soil is so red and the people farm almost everything and anything. The children wave at you as our "Monster Truck" goes past and the adults nod or just plain share.

I went on a chimpanzee trek the other day......nearly killed me! I'm so unfit! We did eventually get to see two wild chimps but we were wondering around the jungle for two hours before we saw them. It made me laugh though because at first I couldn't see them as they were so high up, so I innocently asked the group "Where is it?" A german guy replied "There behind the green leaf!" Hmm........

Today we were travelling to another campsite on the "Monster Truck" for about five hours when we pulled into a garage for a toilet stop. Naturally they have petrol pumps, "Car Wash" "Air" and amusingly "Lubrication" after finding this funny and taking a picture. I then realised that a bunch of Ugandan nuns where having there picture taken right in front of it! Classic!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Arrival.....

So I have arrived, feeling a bit fragile seen as though everyone else seems to be seasoned travellers and I'm not. Starting to think 60 days overland was to much for a first trip and I haven't even started yet.

I have made a friend though who appears to have all the same issues as me, "Did you cry on the plane?" I asked. "Hell yeah" she replied. She makes me feel so much better about all this, but it turns out she is only doing the tour for two weeks and I'm doing two months!

On the plus side there have been some amusing the fact the the electricity in the hotel keeps randomly going off...leaving us all sitting in pitch black until someone kicks the generator! I have also had my first experience of building African styley.....they just throw mud at the wall until it sticks in a very fun looking fashion! Also and most amusingly when I walked in to main reception on my arrival, who should they all be watching on the TV but a football match between Liverpool and Manchester City....I couldn't help it...."That is where I am from!" I said... a lot louder than I realised....(Crazy looks from random people!) Oops!

Tomorrow the tour begins, I have butterflies just thinking about it....Trying to stay as positive as I can and not think about home......

Friday, 20 November 2009

The Journey begins.......

Today is the today, I'm off around the world!.....Next stop Nairobi! I'm not excited, just nervous and I still have a million things to sort out round here first!

I have to say, I never realised what amazing friends and family I have until now! A girl could rule the world with the support network I have! My nan always says "Count your blessings" I never realised that my friends and family are number one!!!

Love you all,

See you very soon xxx

Monday, 16 November 2009

Weight Limit 10kg....Yeah right!

Well four days till the big trip, I have had the leaving party which was great, makes me realise what amazing friends I have! I have to admit though, I still feel like I'm not ready. I would say I am not excited, more apprehensive.....Is that normal?

I have tried packing my bag....Its sooo heavy and I have to sit on it to close it already! Some editing is required I think......The thing is I don't know what to take out! I'm thinking clothes.....but how many clothes do you actually need?
So far I have....

Waterproof trousers and jacket

Fleece x 1
Safari type shirts x 2
Vest top x 3
Trousers x 3

Shorts x 1

Bikini Bras x 3
Knickers x 7

Socks x 4
Cardigan x 1

Anyone any advice on what to take out?.....All suggestions welcome....

Also, I have had an unexpected bra issue....I know this is a girl thing, but how many bras do you take and what type? Sports, bikini, push up, wireless, under wired?
My friend Alison laughed and said "Depends how sweaty your boobies get"......Classy! (Told you I would blog about it!)

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

For the Fallen....

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years contemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them...

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Maybe, just maybe things are actually coming together. Admittedly, I seem to be spending more money than I realised, but maybe and its just a maybe.... I am more organised than I thought I was......

Packing has been a bit of an issue, I'm trying to (as my friend put it) "be brutal" I'm not usually a girl who knows how to "travel light!" Also, how cold does it get in Africa at night?? Warm you would think....Apparently not....

I'm in London at the moment on the hunt for a visa, its more difficult than you would think. Firstly, there was the postal strike...Very inconvenient! It has meant I have had to take a few traumatic car and train journeys lately.......I nearly cried when I missed the train and had to have words with myself to regain composure! Secondly, the opening hours of all the High Commission's are really annoying, 10-12 to drop off your application, that's if you find the embassy in the first place.....I seem to have a knack of getting lost (even without the aid of Becca) Thirdly, you have to wait three days for it to be processed and can only collect your passport again between 2-3pm. Hence I'm stuck here till Friday!

Moaning aside, it has been interesting... So far I have been mistaken for my little brother's cleaner, met the world's most irritatingly vocal cat and have been to see where my brother is working now.....In an office with the most impressive cityscape EVER, you can't complain when you can see St Paul's Cathedral, Westminster and Canary Wharf from your office window! I'm not jealous... Honest!

Roll on the weekend and my leaving party! ;-)

Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Leaves of Autumn

I watched the leaves of autumn from my window as they rained across the sky; as the mischievous wind danced among the trees calling to the leaves to fly by.

I watched the leaves of autumn play a happy childhood game; as the sun beams shined upon their face illuminating them like a flame.

I heard the leaves of autumns laughter, as they squealed with delight; their childhood game which pasted my window was a rich and colourful sight.

I watched the leaves of autumn play, as the trees looked on with a parental eye; as the leaves of autumn played chase with one and other, whilst the cold wind drove them by.

I watched the leaves of autumn feel sleepy as their game wore them out; as the earth beckoned them to a restful spot, until the playful wind felt bored.

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