Saturday, 28 November 2009

Story so far....

Its only been a few days and I have already done so much! Seen all of the big five already, been into a school where the children had never seen white people before and were convinced my hair was an umbrella! We have already travelled from Kenya to Uganda. Its funny because they are the same but very different! I found it amusing how many "Hotels" there are alone the roadside, its funny because they are little more that wooden hunts that look like they are about to fall down, but they all seem to be able to offer you the ability to "top up" your mobile phone on any network you can imagine.

Uganda is lovely, green tea plantations as far as the eye can see. The soil is so red and the people farm almost everything and anything. The children wave at you as our "Monster Truck" goes past and the adults nod or just plain share.

I went on a chimpanzee trek the other day......nearly killed me! I'm so unfit! We did eventually get to see two wild chimps but we were wondering around the jungle for two hours before we saw them. It made me laugh though because at first I couldn't see them as they were so high up, so I innocently asked the group "Where is it?" A german guy replied "There behind the green leaf!" Hmm........

Today we were travelling to another campsite on the "Monster Truck" for about five hours when we pulled into a garage for a toilet stop. Naturally they have petrol pumps, "Car Wash" "Air" and amusingly "Lubrication" after finding this funny and taking a picture. I then realised that a bunch of Ugandan nuns where having there picture taken right in front of it! Classic!


  1. Uganda sounds amazing! My eldest son dated a first-generation Ugandan-American girl who was an incredible football player. We became very close to her family. Seen anyone burying banana peels? LOL. That's what Aboki (the grandmother) would do to fertilized the garden. Love the chimp story. Lookng for to more tales from your adventure!

  2. Sounds awesome, can't wait to hear more stories :)

  3. this reminds me of my first few days in africa! great to hear the stories, keep them coming :)


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