Friday, 1 April 2011

Backpacker Memoirs....Victoria Falls, Zambia.

Monday 28th December 2009.

Well today started off with a bang. After our official visit to Victoria Fall yesterday which was amazing....Today with got to see feel it's power, even when the river is low! A few of us decided to go to "The Devil's Pool" just above Victoria Falls.

Basically, being the stupid tourists that we are, we paid money to swim in a pool at the top of Vic Falls! It's funny really, they advertise it as "Livingstone Island" sounds pretty sedate, but when you get there they have you climbing over rocks in your bikini for hours with some African guy right behind you. Who somehow manages to "guide" you in the right direction with his hand right on your ass and a well timed wink....

Honestly though, it was an massive adrenaline rush. They had us swimming though water that was trying to push you over the edge with only two guys to grab hold of you before you tipped over the edge! They had us jump into the pool in a certain place right on the edge, the power of the water was unbelievable! I ended up with so many bruises and scratches, but we got our first slap up breakfast complete with knife and forks and proper towels to dry ourselves off with afterwards.....We got overly excited and got some funny looks, but none of the other tourists had been camping for 60 days.....Light weights! hehe!

All in all, an amazing day.

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