Friday, 24 July 2009

It was acceptable in the Eighties!

As a darling of the eighties I feel I am well within my rights to moan about my recent experiences in relation to the sudden and unexpected revival of 80's fashion. Apart from the birth of myself and most of my friend's, nothing actually happened in the eighties did it?

However, imagine my horror when I was innocently going about my daily shopping business, when I stumbled into New Look only to find the eighties were back with a BANG! It was like stepping into a time machine, where no one had actually realised how repulsive eighties fashion was. With "I think we're alone now" by Tiffany playing in the background, hanging there like they weren't a crime against fashion were illuminus earrings, in various sizes and colours....bright pink, bright yellow, bright blue, waiting for some innocent chav thinking they are a trend setter to actually purchase them. In my haste to leave the shop I nearly fell over a display......When suddenly there they were.......goading......mocking me for once owning a pair.....Pink Leg warmers! Arrh!

Hoping it was confided to New Look alone, I escaped into what I considered a more upmarket shop only to find that they too had be infected. At that moment I knew I would see them again, I knew they would raise their ugly head.....I prayed that the general public weren't that stupid, that they had learnt their lesson the last time and burnt every last reminding pair........But today, there they were!.... Walking past me in the Trafford Centre.....The dreaded ski pants!

Now I am convinced it's only a matter of time before I see them again, before someone somewhere digs one out of their wardrobe, dusts it off and sends fire
fighters everywhere into a blind panic......Before the year is out someone, somewhere in Britain WILL wear a Shell Suit in Public! God help us all!!


  1. *groan* I knew it was only a matter of time.


  2. Very true. its just a matter of time. you shared your feelings very beautifully and mermaid tale is very interesting topic.
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  3. Love this ! Love 80s fashion ! Read our take on it:


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