Saturday, 11 July 2009

Boys, have you ever wondered what girls talk about?.......Please don't!

When I read these text messages back to myself I laughed out loud, I'm sure it will provide hours of piss taking in the future! Oh, may I just add, my friend and I am young, intelligent, hot, professional women! No arguments! lol.........

Did you ring me before? Not sure if I dreamt it!

My Friend: You dreamt it bird! Although I cut my nipple on my razor before and am now convinced I am destined to develop breast cancer because you told me it can be brought on by trauma!

Erm......How did you manage to cut your nipple with a razor? What the hell were you doing?

My Friend: Shaving my nipple hair of course! Don't pretend you don't do that!

Me: How do I tell you this????.....I don't! Although I do have a random pube that insists on growing above my belly button! (Do you really have nipple hair??)

My Friend:
Yes, now I don't wanna see that on your blog!

Ha, Ha, you have had me inspecting my nipples now!......Nope no hair!......It's official you're a freak of nature!

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