Sunday, 5 July 2009

Silence is deadly!

Hmm…..Why is it that I always seem to have those really uncomfortable silences during work social events? Why is it that some people have no problem blabbering on about nothing yet I am constantly stuck with the scary question “What do I say?” Don’t you just hate those moments when the other person plays with their knife and fork, tries to earwig another conversion, pretends to text or just plainly stares around the room? Why is it in these situations I always have the urge to say something inappropriate to shock them from their semi slumber?

Do I scare the hell out of them by telling them personal details like....How I shave my big toes because they are too hairy? Do I tell them about my traumatic experience of finding my first grey and how I managed to say out loud “Oh my god is that a grey?!” whilst in Dorothy Perkins changing rooms only to have the lady in the next cubicle say “You poor love, its all downhill from here!” Do I tell them how the offending grey or offending grey’s new friend “Grey number two” were then spotted by a friend who offered to pull it out, or do I tell them how I plan to spend my Sunday afternoon searching for the greys in order to banish them so I can return to being a 27 year old brunette minus two grey hairs?............... No, I say none of these things...... instead I talk about work, Thrilling!

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