Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Is blogging healthy?

Today I embark on my first "Life Coaching" session (Number 261 in the "Be Arsed" book) It is just a phone session but I am sort of nervous... What do I talk about? What if I cry? Will she do all the talking? Do I want her to do all the talking? Is it the right thing for me? Will it help me be happier? My friend recommended it to me, she said that through the process she discovered that humanitarian work was what she wanted to do with her life and now is working with Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Amazing right?

Yesterday I was talking to my house mate about how a friend of hers was admitted to a psychiatric unit and how she blogged about her experiences because she finds it difficult to express her deepest thoughts to her friends face to face. It got me thinking, I haven't posted anything for over twelve months and I used to use my blog in a similar vent. Is that healthy? I read some of my posts back, most about how I hate my job, how I want to change my life, how I am trying to love even like myself a bit more... Half empty stuff really.....So I'm hoping that this life coaching could move me forward a little and help me make some big (happier) decisions. After all in the past couple of weeks I have wanted to live for a year in Italy, go to a Buddhist retreat in Nepal, trek to Everest Base camp for chairty, move to London and apply for yet another job in my home town...

Twelve months on, having completely failed, I might even challenge myself AGAIN to finish what I started to complete the challenges in my "Be Arsed" book!

So is Blogging healthy?

Is it better to talk to out or write it down? I figure I might do both...Better out than in right??

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