Thursday, 23 August 2012

It begins....

It doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go ~ Bob Proctor.

And so it begins....

The first day of my new positive outlook. A positive outlook taken in baby steps.
And the first thing I did the morning?... Deleted my profile.
After all don't you have to love yourself first?

I tried to explain it to my friend today over lunch, but she didn't really understand it. Never mind, this is a personal journey anyway :)

So the rules...

Well the book is in 11 Chapters, so I am taking one thing from each chapter to keep it interesting and I plan to post about how I am finding each task. There are some things I can't do like the chapter on Parenting because I have no children...but I thought I would still post them for those who do and maybe you could let me know how it goes? 

Some of the suggestions are small ones like "Eat less salt" and others are bigger that will take longer to complete, so I plan to post about each suggestion until I feel I have completed it and then move onto the next....Who knows how long this may take?! Hopefully I will enjoy each task enough to keep it in my life as part of the new improved me :)

So what did I do today I hear you cry? Well number one of course....

I am a self confessed lazy bum. So instead of just joining the gym and sitting on the exercise bike pretending to work up a sweat. I have gone one step further....I have joined British Military Fitness! I need a big army guy shouting at me! Also maybe I will make some new friends alone the way?? Now all I have to do is arrange a day to go....*Baby steps* :)

What am I letting myself in for?? :)

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