Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Stranger Danger!

It amazes me how many stories of randoms acting oddly towards my friend she has to tell...... Her latest tale I find possibly the most amusing.

There she was in the doctors waiting room, minding her own business, worrying about what the doctor would say, face stuck in a magazine, probably pretending she couldn't hear what was being said to the receptionist and ready to deny any medical knowledge at all... Then it happened.... She was "befriended" by a yellow man. When I say yellow, I mean alcoholic liver disease kind of yellow. The type of individual who if it wasn't considered rude in polite society, you would instantly and without question run a mile from......

Discrimination of his yellowness aside, the tattoo on his neck....of a skull and cross bones would have made any sensible girl run a mile, but not my friend... She remained polite, where I would have been defensive. Until it lead to the inevitable question.... The moment you bring a bit of sick up in your mouth....

I have warned her in the past about talking to strangers, especially those who are yellow.

Either way, there it was, before she could stop it, "Babe, can I take you out sometime? Maybe have your number???"

What was he thinking? Would they make beautiful yellow babies together?...

Obviously, she used the usual response.... "I'm sorry, I have a boyfriend"
To which he replied "All the good ones are taken...."

I laughed when she told me.

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