Thursday, 26 May 2011

Randomness of the week

This week I seem to have been privy to the most random of statements...

On Wednesday I was at work and checking a patients temperature. Its a simple task, a trained monkey could do it and it isn't hard to understand that someone is taking your temperature...or so I thought anyway. So there I was sticking my probe in the patients ear (not his bottom) and waiting for my little peep.

Suddenly the patient asked "So nurse, what's my ear pressure?"
With a smile I said " Ear pressure???"
Patient: "Yes, I'm my GP says its 170/90, that's high isn''t it?"
I could have explained his school boy error, that there is no such thing as "ear pressure" and he was actually talking about his blood pressure, but I have answered questions about blood pressure about 20,000 times and it was too funny to correct.
So I simply said "Sir, I am taking your temperature and that is fine. Your blood pressure was checked earlier and that was also fine."

Yesterday I walked into the staff room to this:

"Well, she hid in his skin, mated with his sister and then killed him!"

Honestly, I could have asked them what the f**k they were talking about, but I felt it was better to continue making my lunch and avoiding all potential eye contact! hehe!

Today, when watching TV with my friend she randomly asked me,

"So what do you think of peach for bridesmaids dresses??"

At this point I must point out that a) We had NOT been talking about weddings b) My friend is NOT engaged and c) She is NOT planning a wedding.
So with a sideways glance and a raised eyebrow and a giggle, I simply said "No comment!"

Love it xx

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