Wednesday, 25 May 2011


If you could be anyone, do anything or go anyway, what would you do and why??

Mine is not to travel or to be rich, my dream is to do something I love. My dream is totally selfish, but dreams are right?

Mine would be to be a leading lady on the West End. It's not the fame I seek, its just the love of singing and performance, something I never persuaded as a child due to lack of confidence.

Yesterday I went to watch Mamma Mia. It was simply fun, fun, fun!!

Some people have the best jobs, fancy messing around on stage all night, making people happy and having a laugh with your friends. I'm sure its not all wonderful, but it seems that way through my eyes.

How nice it would be to do a job you absolutely LOVED.
How nice it would be to know people went home smiling because of you, every night!

If only....

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