Monday, 16 May 2011

Laziness is next to Godliness.

I should have gone to the gym today. Actually I should have gone to a Zumba class, but instead I remained on our brand new comfortable sofa... watching crappy daytime telly.

That little voice inside my head told me often that I should "Go for a run"
Lazy Answer: "My knees hurt" I have done something to both my knees and I am currently walking around like I have had "a little accident" and walking downstairs now has sound effects..."Ouch, eee, oooh....."

I suppose there is always swimming?.....Low impact, apparently.
Lazy Answer: "I will have to wash my hair after and it takes ages to dry"

Ok, maybe I should walk the dog?.... It was a fleeting thought..... Did I go??? Obviously not.

Wow. I am good at this aren't I?? Lazy or what!

Its OK though, I can always go tomorrow...... Probably.

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