Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Arrival.....

So I have arrived, feeling a bit fragile seen as though everyone else seems to be seasoned travellers and I'm not. Starting to think 60 days overland was to much for a first trip and I haven't even started yet.

I have made a friend though who appears to have all the same issues as me, "Did you cry on the plane?" I asked. "Hell yeah" she replied. She makes me feel so much better about all this, but it turns out she is only doing the tour for two weeks and I'm doing two months!

On the plus side there have been some amusing the fact the the electricity in the hotel keeps randomly going off...leaving us all sitting in pitch black until someone kicks the generator! I have also had my first experience of building African styley.....they just throw mud at the wall until it sticks in a very fun looking fashion! Also and most amusingly when I walked in to main reception on my arrival, who should they all be watching on the TV but a football match between Liverpool and Manchester City....I couldn't help it...."That is where I am from!" I said... a lot louder than I realised....(Crazy looks from random people!) Oops!

Tomorrow the tour begins, I have butterflies just thinking about it....Trying to stay as positive as I can and not think about home......


  1. Imagine if you weren't a bit nervous about such an adventure! You'd be all jaded and unable to notice such things as building African style! I love the opportunity to watch the events of this journey unfold through your eyes, however they appear. You will be changed forever, no doubt, in all the best ways--and likely you'll discover what good company you for -- to others and yourself. And that second part? For some, it takes till the mid-life crisis, if they're at all lucky. Here's to you, Dolly Daydream (and Manchester United, of course!)

  2. That's such a good point Kathleen! Savour everything that is new and different and makes you nervous, that is what'll make you remember it! In two months when you're a seasoned traveller you won't notice the bizarre building habits :) so write it all, and you'll have something amazing to look back on! x

  3. I've cried during the Little Mermaid. Just putting it out there.

  4. so complicated, just wrote a big long comment and then it wouldnt post! grrr, Hils x


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