Tuesday, 1 December 2009


So I have reached Rwanda "The land of a thousand views" and it is so right! We have been to the Genocide Memorial which was very moving.....It is strange to think everyone I meet who was alive in 1994 has experienced something so terrible and yet they still smile and are so friendly (especially to women) I have noticed some of the houses still have the red cross on the walls of their homes which indicated it was the home of a Tutsi.......Apparently it is how taboo to talk about it now but the memorial with its mass graves are now used to educate people.

We have been to see the Gorilla's today AMAZING! The best thing I have ever done! Even though I trekked for an hour and a half....I have some amazing pictures but the internet here is so slow so I can't upload them yet! boo!

Being eaten alive by the mozzies, so I went into a the pharmacy to get some cream but they only speak french here so after a misunderstanding about Malaria medication......I stuck my bare leg on his desk brandished my 30 mozzie bites on my ankle.....And the cream appeared!! Its amazing what a girl can get if she flashes a bit on leg! lol!


  1. How lucky you are to see the gorillas! And how sad to see the ravages of war.

  2. It puts our problems in perspective does'nt it. I would love to have been there when you were showing a leg, not a pretty sight!!!

  3. haha i love the last line
    I love what a girl can get, if she flashes a bit of leg ;)

  4. You are inspiration! I give props to ANYONE following their dreams.

    Have an amazing fabulous time :o)


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