Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!

Well its seems like it was only last week since it was the 2nd February....The day my friend and I braved the Manchester weather to go and book my around the world adventure! I'm sure it was the only day in the history of the city that it snowed! If I remember rightly I think Central London ground to a halt because there was a "bit of snow" on the tube tracks and my little brother spent the day making a “Snow Cock” outside his house in Birmingham, which was promptly stolen by some jealous/offended individuals!

Meanwhile my friend and I, hardened northerners as we are, were determined! Donning oversized coats, ugg boots and big red faces, we slid down Oxford Road safely bundled under my friends arm.......(in case you were wondering, that’s the West Houghton way of child transportation!) Eventually we arrived at STA Travel, there I met my new love (for about half and hour) Rory the travel agent! Wooing me, with his words of far off lands, itineraries and travel insurance, I paid a disgusting amount of money (on my credit card) to live out a dream! Initially in my over excitement I planned to visit every country I could, until I realised I wasn't the money bags I thought I was and that “local payment” was in the very, very small print!

5 months on, with an ever changing itinerary and an endless list of “to do’s”. I begin my first blog! Behold!

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  1. Far off lands are looking forward to wooing you too! You'l have such an amazing time, just dont forget ur camera and sketch book, and the excitment waiting for ur return! x


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