Wednesday, 19 August 2009

What would I wear with them?

A girl can never have to many shoes, so when I took a friend shopping today naturally I dragged her into "Shoe World" to peruse the shelves in pursuit of that "must have item".....Suddenly we were greeted by these......

Following an in depth discussion about how aesthetically pleasing they were, how the heal provided height in a very sexy and feminine fashion, along with convenient holes to allow for ventilation during those notoriously hot English summer months. My friend announced she had to try them on and proceeded to model them in front of the mirror..........I feel the pink stripey socks really did them justice, a bargain at only £9.99 ......Only one problem, She didn't I have anything to wear them with! Shame really!.......Not!


  1. Gorgeous. I'm getting myself a pair! :P

  2. I'm sure they would have sold out by now! Oh well! lol! ;-)


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