Monday, 31 August 2009

Will you marry me?? Erm...Whats the point?

So it seems the older I get the more weddings I go to and the more christenings I attend. The thing is I think I have a strong dislike of weddings in general. Maybe it is because in the past few years I am attending more and more, or maybe its because they all seem so happy and in love and I am not. Yesterday as I drove to a friends wedding, I started thinking about them.....What exactly is the point?

Yes they love each other, but we already knew that. Yes they scrub up well, but we also already knew that too, Yes they have lots of friends, of course they do, they are lovely people. Most of them already live together and probably already have mortgages so the "Financial reason" has no grounding. They break the bank paying for it and spend the year lending up to it telling us all how much everything costs. Most of them already have children, so it is not exactly a "white wedding" So apart from making us singletons feel more lonely, why do it?

Don't get me wrong I love romance as much of the next person, but I figure that the special things between a couple are private, so sharing soppy stories about how they met somehow seems corny. Plus must they insist on making their nearest and dearest sit through the best man's speech????

If I meet the love of my life maybe I would feel differently, but I figure you are either committed to each other or you're not....Do you really need to be married to show that?

So as I sat there in a room full of couples, all lovingly talking about coupley
things, I felt lonelier than ever. Maybe that is my problem with weddings.....That I always end up feeling alone in a room full of people.


  1. The last wedding I went to, I felt exactly the same. I broke up with my bf a month before and hated the whole thing. I got very drunk - naughty I know.
    I love love but don't like speeches.

  2. The only weddings I've been to have been very different from a lot of very fancy, over styled weddings and were great. The best speech was by the groom at one of my best friend's weddings two weeks ago ' Enjoy yourselves'. :)


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