Thursday, 25 November 2010

So many questions.....

"A picture is worth a thousand words"
Chinese Proverb.

One thing I have always loved about my life is that I know exactly where I come from. My family roots run very deep into this little town of mine and I have always been very aware of it thanks to my relationship with my grandmother. She has always been very proud of it and has always made sure she tells me everything she can about our family history.

A few years ago my Great Grandmother died and my Grandmother inherited all the old family photos. I vividly remember sitting in her back room with her writing people's names on the back of old photo's. While my Grandmother talked about the people they were, as she told me "I don't want them forgotten" A few years on and suddenly those photographs hold a lot more interest for me. I don't know why but a few months ago I started researching my family history.

It amazed me how little we actually knew. Names and dates forgotten, to my grandmother's horror within her living memory. With the help of the Internet I did find out quite a lot but there is photograph after photograph of unknown individuals forgotten with the passage of time. One man now only referred to as the "unknown solider" by my dad.

I just can't help wondering what life he hold, how his family suffered and what became of him.
I have a million questions and no answers, we will probably never know.
I think the pictures speak for themselves.....Endless questions that remain unanswered.

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