Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Smells like Winter...

The colour of springtime is in the flowers, the colour of winter is the imagination. ~ Terri Guillemets.

Sometimes, you wake up and realise how beautiful the world really is.
This morning, we had our first proper frost.
You know that blanket of frost that signals that winter has well and truly arrived.
I went downstairs and went out side...Maybe not the greatest plan in dressing gown and slippers.
It was lovely though, my breath visible in the cold air, the sun catching the ice in just the right way, making it shine like diamonds along the fence.
It smells so good, it smells like Winter.
So my friend and I took a drive into the country, well worth it.
Beautiful isn't it...

We found a pub with an open fire and debated all that is wrong in the world.
A great way to spend a Winter day.
Maybe now I should brave the Christmas Market?
Mulled wine, my favourite gloves and a big old scarf will do quite nicely.
Thank you.

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