Sunday, 28 February 2010

Another "To do list"

Hmm.......Where to start????

As great as Sydney is I have a list as long as my arm of things to sort out so I can get a job out here....
I found a website for travellers with advice on getting a tax code, bank account, etc,etc...... Its stressing me out.....I just can't motivate myself (and I am nervous as hell about all this)

At the moment I am staying at my friends sister's flat overlooking Manley...The view over the bay is lovely and instead of job hunting today as I planned, I find myself catching up on home and away online and watching crappy Aussie morning TV and feeling depressed about the weather (rain).....Productive...NOT!

As I sit here I can see a big pile of books I need to read....Living and working in Australia, Sydney City Guide and East Coast Australia......the butterflies won't stop jumping in my stomach!....Or is this homesickness?

I figure I am a "To do list" girl, so here is my list:

  • Sort out Working Holiday Visa.
  • Organise taxfile number.
  • Activate bank account.
  • Get a travellers fixed mailing address.
  • Need Aussie mobile phone.
  • Go to the nursing agencies see if they can first track my application (If I want to nurse that is...)
  • Sort out a job....any job....maybe do a training course for bar work etc.
  • Find a job!
  • Find a place to stay....

My friend left me a note this morning when she left for Dubai, telling me I can "Do anything" maybe I should prove her right.....Better get started then hey....

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