Sunday, 28 February 2010

Thai Cooking.....Would you trust me with a wok??

Well Asia was amazing! Even though we spent a lot less time there than I would of Asia I really mean Vietnam and Thailand. The people there are polite to the point of unnecessarily backing out of the room you are in!

The food was amazing....So I planned to expand my culinary horizons and learn to cook something other than spag bol.....So while I was there my friend and I took a Thai cooking class. It so enjoyable and funny, the lady teaching the class was so us extra tips on Thai cooking while we made the most basic dishes on the menu....After about an hour she let us near the wok and all hell broke lose.....third degree burns, eye brows and eye lashes burnt off (yes I exaggerate) but it was almost true. hehe! As she spoke in Thai to her fellow chef to put different sauces on our chicken the smell floated around the room along with the ever increasing temperature and a seasoning of sweat from the tourists/students into our culinary creations.....

One day when I am a proper grown up I plan to have a dinner party where I will proudly serve my guests "Chicken with Cashew Nuts" (minus the sweat) while declaring "I learnt to cook this while in Asia" and then present everyone with chopsticks and be the only one who can actually use them.......but for now I'm still a knife and fork girl and I need a house with a kitchen first......But a girl can dream, even if they are only small one! hehe!

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