Friday, 2 July 2010

Je ne comprends pas, Excusez-moi.

So here I am in my new French retreat, Aix en Provence the home of Cezanne. I came here to visit my friend who is singing in the Aix Opera Festival....One problem, I can't speak French. Actually, I can tell you my name and where I am from, I could probably count for you, but apart from that I fail and considering I studied French in High School for 5 years, that is pitiful!

France is amazing the sun shines, the food is fresh and locally grown, their love of history and their apprecation for art is like no where else. I would just love to speak to someone in their language. So I want to learn. I have promised myself that I will add it to my to do list and one day return and be able to order the amazing food off the menu, ask about the art work and look around their historial buildings and talk to the guide. Just need to find a class.

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