Saturday, 3 July 2010

Dear New Life...

I have been feeling really down latey, moaned about it to my friend who told me to re-read an email I sent her when I got back from my travels..... So here it is......

Hey Lady,

How are you? Yes I was stalking you! lol. So I'm home.....My first full day today.....hmm, not so sure, everything is the same. I'm pretending I'm still away on facebook, so that know one can start with the "already" thing a few people have said it and it makes me feel like a failure.....I know that is dramatic but it is how I'm feeling....(sorry to moan...your just miss positive and I hoped you wouldn't mind)

New Zealand was amazing though! Missing it already...think I miss the people I met there though...who were actually English....Its a shame I didn't get a working visa for there instead! I will definately go back!

I have kind of promised myself I wouldn't slip back into my old life....I have band myself from going back to my old job but I owe my mum about 2 grand now so that maybe unlikely....

Feeling the need to leave Manchester soon but that Art course is here.....Thankfully its only a year, but is the best one in the country....then I was thinking about heading for the bright lights of London....

I met a girl travelling who told me to write down all the things I want to do when I get home so I do them.....So I am gonna tell you them so you can remind me when I am being negative again! So.....

Dear Diary (Rach)

Here are the things i must do when I get home:
1. Move out of mums
2. Sing more.
3. Learn to ski.
4. Do the TEFL course/teach english somewhere crazy.
5. Do a cooking course/language course/history course.
6. Go hand gliding.
7. Exercise more/Go swimming (often)
8. Visit Europe mainly Rome/China/India.
9. Do more photography.
10. Paint.
11. Move out of Manchester.
12. Be positive.
13. Do an infectious diseases course and be a volunteer medic.

I found a neckless in New is a Maori symbol "the Koru" its apparently an unfolding fern meaning "new beginnings, new life, growth and strength" I really like it.....I'm hoping it reminds me of all the promises I have made to myself....maybe its crazy!

Anyway, enough about me.....So the London move??? Is it on?? I must come and see you soon where ever you are.....

Tell me all your gossip! lol!

Big love Lady, Love Me xxx

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