Friday, 23 April 2010

Backpacker Memoirs.... First Entry.

As I lie on my bed something familiar catches my eye. Thrown on the floor like a used piece of junk. I loved it once. Honest.

I carried it all around the world, shared my deepest thoughts with it. I even removed it from my backpack on every flight and kept it in my hand luggage for fear that it would be lost forever. I wrote in it religiously, wherever in the world I was. All 13 countries.

It took 14 flights, 9 boats, 3 buses, 6 jeeps, one bike, one balloon and one very scary tuktuk. It survived three months of living in a tent, an invasion on ants, the animals of the Serengeti and a group of Gorilla's.
It is my travel journal and my friend.

So due to my considerable slack blogging while I was away (mainly because of my lack of a good Internet connection) I have decided to post extracts of my beloved travel journal on here for the world to see.

What follows is my firsy entry. My Backpacker Memoirs.

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