Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Summer Fete...

Yesterday my sister invited me to come to her local Village Fete. Interesting, I thought... a nice way to spend a summer afternoon and embrace my Englishness. However, as the Village Gala Queen and row after row of Morris Dancers passed me, followed by the dance round the Maypole. I had an inner confession to make....I am a City Girl. Don't get me wrong I like the countryside as much as anyone and sometimes I even think I might like to live there, but in reality I think I prefer the city.

There is something about the Village Fete that I find weird......Do parents actually enjoy dressing their children up in the most awful and embarrassing outfits they can find? Is it so they can show the photo to everyone at their 18th birthday party?? Also is it not odd to allow your child to appear in public wearing a leopard skin cat suit??

Admittedly, I love the sense of community in a village that the city lacks. I love the fact that the kids can play with their friends with peace of mind and yes the Yorkshire countryside is lovely, but in reality a prefer the anonymity of the City. Either way, fully grown men Morris Dancing is just weird, city or not!

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