Monday, 19 October 2009

Becca, Are we lost?...

My friend Becca and I should really stop trying to be spontaneous, It NEVER works.....We always end up having that conversation....You know the One.... "What do you wanna do?" Silence, followed by a response of "I don't know, what do you wanna do?"

We have had a few disastrous "Day trips" recently.....

We planned a trip to Tatton Park, the idea being we would take in the country air and rent bikes to cycle somewhere.....What actually occurred was
lazing by a lake watching the planes fly over head, getting lost on a country path and the random purchase of cheese from a farm shop.

We tried to go and watch Justin Lee Colins at Granada Studio's, following the collection of another friend we proceeded to get lost with the help of Sat Nav. So instead we ended up playing pool and shooting virtual cows in an amusement arcade, only to be repeatedly told "You shot a cow!".....Did I mention we are both 28 years old?

Today, it was sunny for once, so I text Becca (I should have known) we attempted to arrange a day out of the city. It would have been a good plan if it wasn't 3pm by the time we left her flat....Following considerable irritation on Becca's part at an unnecessary lorry that inconvenientely drove slowly right in front of us the whole way, we gave up on our plan to visit the Hope Valley and stopped at a random English Country Pub that was unnervingly empty...

After being stared at my the locals for "not being from around h
ere" Becca placed herself conveniently in front of the open fire, declaring loudly "I'm cold" only to have the local hunchback immediately scurry over from some hidden part of the pub with logs for the fire....

On a plus side and obviously in a none pervy way, we watched as the local "fit young bloke", proceeded to chop wood for us in very masculine fashion place them on the fire and smiling as he did so........Following brief consideration we decided to stay of tea.....It was only fair......

Naturally we got lost on the way home and found ourselves in Chinley Village. Being city girls we found it highly amusing that the local teenagers were attempting to intimidate the locals with their hoodies and a park bench......We immediately dubbed them the Chinley Massive and laughed at the fact that we should make a Chinley Massive facebook group in honour of our trip.

A few hours after I got home and forgetting about our Chinley Massive adventure, I logged on to facebook.....There it was, an invitation from Becca to the
Chinley Countryside Massive facebook group it actually exists! Priceless! ;-)


  1. I'd say your spontaneous outings are providing you great fodder for writing!

  2. Actually the only reason we were lost this time is cos you can't tell the difference between a bin and a ford fiesta!


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