Thursday, 10 September 2009


Seen as though I feel like I have done nothing but moan in my last few blogs, for the past few days and I been thinking about all the things that make me happy, even if it was just for a second......So here goes.......

Clean washing.

Sunday roast.
The smell of the rain.

Sunshine on my face.

Sun beams breaking through the clouds.
Postcards from my friend.

Conversations with my nan.

My mum's eyes when she gets excited.......Oh and her over dramatic wave.

A baby's laughter.
Smiles from Miss Molly.

The smell of winter.

The fairground.

Crunching ice under your feet.

Snowball fights.
Lying in a field on a hot summers day.
Having picnic's in the park.
Ice cream.

Playing fetch with a excitable dog.

Driving down old English country lanes.
The beech.
Pubs in the winter with an open fire.

Cuddles on the sofa.
Driving and singing very obviously to a great song.

Feeding the ducks.

Relaxing into a hot bath.
My hair after its been washed.
Giving someone a massage.
My bed.

Good food and great company.
Musicals...Especially on the Westend!

Laughing till it hurts.

A great book.

My slippers.
The beep of a text message.

My pink backpack.
The way my dog wiggles her bum when she is excited.
Trying on the perfect outfit.
Dancing to a great song.
Hitting that perfect note.

Sitting in my nan's back garden.
Walking on crunchy leaves.
The Woods.
Live music.
Sitting by the river.
A great view.

Taking my shoes off after a long day.

Driving ho
me from work with the windows down. Sunday mornings when no one else is around.
Candle light.
The chill of a church.
The countryside.


Finishing a painting.

Capturing that great moment with my camera.
Chick flicks.

Soft skin.
That clean feeling after a shower.
The smell of soap.
My hand cream.
Having the day off.


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  1. I've been very pessimistic lately, too... don't know what it is. You inspired me to create my own happy list!


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